Inspiration and Uniqueness

Mesmerising to see the outdoors within a building. I’m all for trying to create it within a bottle!!


Recapturing love for the city

It’s amazing how some sunshine and a free day for exploring can rekindle your love for the city. Walking through Newcastle I saw street performers, boat races and beautiful views of cultural centres such as the Baltic. I found myself stepping into the cathedral to regroup before continuing into the centre and further discovery.

This weekend of wandering has inspired me to start creating my own visuals and experiences rather than relying on the goings-on throughout the city.

Be aware fellow bloggers, I hope this mean good and positive changes with self-exploration.

Challenge 1: draw something that represents you for next week …


Culture break over a Bank Holiday!

All hopes of getting up and started have dwindled slightly as the day job has taken over! With a bank holiday weekend to look forward to I shall get started to share some Newcastle attractions.

What are you doing this Bank Holiday?!

I’m having some serious thoughts about picking up the long neglected pencil and sketch pad to get capturing the sights of Newcastle. I’ll try to pluck up the courage to include images.

Speak soon!


And we are off..!

So, I have entered into the world of blogging!. I must say I am very excited to be beginning this new experience, I hope that you enjoy!

Quick introductions.. I’m Ellie, lover of Art and huge fan of gallery spaces (something about the smells and high ceilings). Other passions include fictional novels, in particular period dramas which involve elaborate costume descriptions, sports (most recently partaking in the Great North Run) and a love of new and exotic food recipes. I moved to Newcastle from Sunny Brighton back in August 2011 to complete my Masters in Museum and Heritage Management and have come across and city that has an unusual and vibrant culture scene which I hope to immerse any readers into.

First review coming shortly.. stay tuned!